Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Veggie CSA Newsletter, Week #2

Full Share:
Strawberries 1 Quart $6.00
Bok Choy 1 Bunch $2.50
Lettuce Mix 1/2 Pound $4.00
Garlic 2 $2.00
Spicy mix $2.00
Turnips 1 bunch $2.00
Radish 1 bunch $2.00
Cilantro 1 bunch $1.50

Half Share:

Bok Choy 1 bunch $2.50
Lettuce mix 1/4# $2.00
Garlic 1 $1.00
Turnips 1 bunch $2.00
Spicy greens 1/4# $2.00
Cilantro 1 bunch $1.50
Onions 1 bunch $1.75

We did get the first few ripe strawberries this week. Since I picked about 3 quarts, and we have 3 Full CSA shares, the full shares are getting them this week, but plenty more on the way. The first are not quite as sweet as they will be in a week or two. Tasty, though.

Things have been busy this week, squeezing in plantings in between thunderstorms. Squash, cucumbers and beans all were planted or seeded this week, and the tomatoes are getting ready to be planted on Tuesday. Whew!! We also got the peppers and eggplant one step closer to field planting - because of their erratic germination, we seed them in very small celled flats (more seeds in less space). So a few weeks before we plant them in the field, we move them up to larger cells. That way, nice, big, strong plants are ready to transplant. They'll be planted around the first of may, along with the basil, more squash, and melons.

This time of year is always the most hectic for me - the first of the week I concentrate on getting all the planting, seeding, trellising, mowing, weeding, watering done that I can, then the second half of the week is full of harvesting, the CSA deliveries and market. Then Saturday afternoon arrives, and basically, we just crash on the couch, take naps and watch movies. Sunday morning, we start all over. It will take a few weeks for me to get into the groove of this newsletter, but I promise more recipes, pictures, and news from the farm! I'm slowly getting "back into shape" so to speak.

Whats in your box...

So yes, more strawberries, for sure... they've only just begun.

Turnips - these are the Hakeuri variety of Japanese Salad turnips. Basically, just eat them like you do radishes in your salads - they are sweet and very tender. You can also roast them if you prefer. The greens are very tasty lightly steamed, along with the Spicy greens mix you're getting this week. This is a mix of mustards, mizuna, and arugula, and maybe a little kale (might as well add in the turnip greens). I have been eating them for breakfast and lunch!! Just put in the steamer for a matter of minutes (3?) and they're so good topped with a little vinegar, butter, and/or soy sauce. Simple.

For future weeks, we'll probably switch over to heads of lettuce instead of the mix. Of course more greens of all sorts are in your immediate future, but don't worry - theres plenty more to come. One dilemma I have with starting the CSA so early is that the squash and other fruits are about a month from first harvest. I started it 2 weeks early this year so we'd be ready for strawberries, but since they're a bit later than I thought, we'll adjust for the future. Anyway, enjoy!!!

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