Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Veggie CSA Week #13

Half Shares:

Tomatoes - 3# - $8.40
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes - 1 pint - $3.00
Green Bell Peppers - 1# - $2.00
Melon - 1 - $3.00
TOTAL - $16.40

Full Shares:

Tomatoes - 5# - $14.00
Sungold Cherry Tomatoes - 1 pint - $3.00
Green Bell Peppers - 1.5# - $3.00
Melon - 1 - $3.00
Winter Squash - 1 - $3.00
TOTAL - $26.00

Well, here we are, in the height of tomato season - lots of 'em for you this week, along with the return of the much loved Sungolds. Cucumbers and squash have come to the end for this planting, we're working on more for later, we'll see how the next plantings hold up.

We are in between plantings of melons right now - first are just about done, the second are just about ripe. So... hopefully we will have enough for you all this week, but if not, some may receive the first of the winter squash, and then get a melon next week. Yup. Winter squash. It still amazes me. We harvested it all on 4th of July weekend, its been curing and is now stored in our cooler. I understand it may be difficult to turn the oven on this time of year, but these guys will store for many months, so feel free to hang on to them for a bit.

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