Saturday, April 17, 2010

Veggie CSA Week #1

Whats in your box:

Half Share:

Turnips - 1 bunch - $2.75
Lettuce - 1 head - $2.50
Bok Choy - 1 head - $2.00
Spinach - 1/2 pound - $3.00
Radishes - 1 bunch - $2.75
Cilantro - 1 bunch - $1.50
Garlic - 1 bunch - $2.00
TOTAL - $16.50

Full Share:

Turnips - 1 bunch - $2.75
Lettuce - 2 heads - $5.00
Bok Choy - 1 head - $2.00
Spinach - 1 pound - $6.00
Radishes - 1 bunch - $2.75
Cilantro - 1 bunch - $1.50
Garlic - 1 bunch - $2.00
Kale - 1 bunch - $3.00
TOTAL - $25.00

What's been going on

WOW... I certainly can't complain about the weather! (although a decent rain would be nice). It has been perfect for working too hard, so we're enjoying it while its here! We've been working on getting lots planted , weeded, irrigated, and lately, harvested! We have a lot of great looking crops on the way to you, most of it is just a few weeks away. Including strawberries. I would put a guess on 2 more weeks? There are lots of green berries on the plants, we just need to be patient for a little bit longer.

Its greens season! So you can look forward to lots of lettuces, kales, turnips, radishes, mustards, bok choy, beets, etc. for the next month or longer. Green garlic is actual garlic that we harvest in its immature state (before it gets hot and forms the head of cloves). Personally, I like the green garlic much better than mature garlic. The flavor is milder, and it has a really nice fresh taste. Yum! Just chop it up like you would a leek, and simmer in a pan with olive oil. I usualy add a bunch of greens to the pan, let simmer, and Ta-dah! Dinner. You can also chop it up (like an onion) and add to your salad, raw.

Recipe of the Week
Whenever we have too many radishes, carrots, turnips, etc, we will slice 'em up and pickle them. Once pickled, they're great on salads and sandwiches (or I just eat them straight from the jar). While this recipe calls for Daikon specifically, we've used all radishes with good results, they'll probably just take less time to pickle.

Do Chua
(Vietnamese Pickled Stuff ie. Carrots and Daikon)

For a 12 oz jar, you'll need:
1 medium-sized carrot, julienned
1 small daikon, julienned
1 tblsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 to 1/2 cup white vinegar

Those measurements are just guidelines. What I usually do is after julienning the vegetables, I spread them out in a shallow bowl. Then I sprinkle just enough sugar for a light coating. Add a smidgen of salt. Then pour enough vinegar to submerge about half the vegetables.

If I'm eating this right away, I like to use rice vinegar for the lighter taste. If you intend to store these as pickles, then ordinary white vinegar is fine.

After about 15 minutes or so, stir the vegetables so the vinegar is mixed. The carrots and daikon should be lightly pickled after about half an hour.

Store extra pickles in a glass jar and pour the extra vinegar in the jar. Add enough vinegar to fill the jar halfway and fill up the rest with water. Screw the lid on tightly. Store in fridge.

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