Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Veggie CSA Week #15

Howdy folks! So, below is the list of what the Wednesday CSA boxes will contain (Carrboro and On-Farm pick ups). The Thursday and Saturday boxes are going to vary, depending on availability. To be honest, the harvests are not quite as plentiful lately (I'm blaming the excessive extended heat), so we'll determine what will go in the boxes after tomorrow morning's harvest.

Thursday folks are hopefully receiving sweet corn, grown by another farmer near Pittsboro (I haven't quite confirmed this yet, so again, it'll be a fun surprise :) The reason the farmers market picker uppers won't be receiving sweet corn is because it wasn't grown by us. One of the farmers market rules (at both Durham and Carrboro) is that the CSA boxes we hand out MUST contain products grown on our own farms.

So, here is the Wednesday box run-down:

Half Shares:
Sungold Tomatoes - 1 pint
Assorted Peppers (Hots in the plastic bag, sweets separate) - 1 pound
Japanese Eggplant - 1/2#
Padron Peppers - 6 peppers
Melon - 1 melon
Basil - 1/4 pound

Full Shares:
Sungold Tomatoes - 1 pint
Assorted Peppers - 1 pound
Padron Peppers - 6 peppers
Melon - 2 melons
Eggplant - 1 pound
Green Beans - 1 pound
Basil - 1/4 pound

Padron Peppers: Yum! one of my new favorites, we have been very simply heating a pan with olive oil and frying these little peppers whole (stem and all) just until they're hot, then sprinkling them with salt and munching. Sometimes, we cut a little door in the pepper, and stuff them with cheese. They are a "hot" pepper, and some are way hotter than others, but cooking them seems to mellow them a bit. Basically, the bigger the pepper is, the hotter they are. All the ones we've picked for you will be spicy, but not outrageous. Wednesday CSA'ers get them this week, we'll most likely have them for the Thursday and Saturday CSA'ers next week.

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