Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Veggie CSA Week #5

Half Shares:
Strawberries - 1 pint - $3.00
Kohlrabi - 1 bunch - $3.00
Squash - 1# - $3.00
Leeks - 1/2# - $1.50
Arugula - 1/4# - $2.00
Carrots - 1 bunch - $3.00
TOTAL - $15.50

Full Shares:
Lettuce - 2 heads - $5.00
Beets - 1 bunch - $3.00
Carrots - 1 bunch - $3.00
Strawberries - 1 pint - $3.00
Squash - 1# - $3.00
Leeks - 1# - $3.00
Arugula - 1/2# - $4.00
Parsley - 1 bunch - $1.50
TOTAL - $25.50

Unfortunately, the strawberries have waned. This is most likely the last week for them, and we may have to substitute with something else, but we'll see. The heavy rains this morning didn't help their situation, either, but was very much needed for everything else. We're getting into the summer fruits season - squash now, and soon cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, then peppers and eggplant! YUM. Leeks this week, and back to onions next week. There is still a little of the spring garlic left, but we may just hold off on it, harvest and cure, and then there will be plenty for the boxes through the rest of the season.

Next week we'll have more beets, carrots, plus I'm hoping the first of the cabbage. Plenty more squash and lettuce.

New produce item of the week: Kohlrabi! Here's a link for more info/recipes
and this recipe looked pretty good to me - simple!

PS - these pages/recipes keep mentioning green kohlrabi. we grow one that has purple skin. Same exact thing, just prettier to grow, in my opinion!


Hands-on time: 10 minutes
Time to table: 45 minutes
Serves 4 (smallish servings since roasted vegetables shrink so much)

1 1/2 pounds fresh kohlrabi, ends trimmed, thick green skin sliced off with a knife, diced
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon garlic (optional, to my taste)
Good vinegar

Set oven to 450F. Toss the diced kohlrabi with olive oil, garlic and salt in a bowl. (This can be done on the pan but you'll likely use more oil.) Spread evenly on a rimmed baking sheet and put into oven (it needn't be fully preheated) and roast for 30 - 34 minutes, stirring every five minutes started after about 20 minutes. Sprinkle with a good vinegar (probably at the table so the kohlrabi don't get squishy).

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