Sunday, April 4, 2010

Veggie CSA First Delivery Dates Set

Hello Everyone!

We have been whisked away from winter, and after what seemed like only a day or two of spring, thrown into summer! For a while, we weren't sure how delayed spring crops would be this year, but they seem to be catching up to where they should be very quickly! We've been busy the past few weeks planting, weeding, and setting up irrigation because these hot days are actually a little much for the cool season crops, so we have overhead sprinklers to keep everything cool. (Its sort of like jumping in the pool at the end of a hot day)

We are going to go ahead and announce the first pickup days for the 2010 Veggie CSA. There are four different pick-ups, as follows:

  • Carrboro Farmers Market: Wednesday April 21st 3:30-6:30pm
  • Castlemaine Farm: Wednesday April 21st 4-7pm
  • RTI: Thursday April 22nd 4-6pm
  • Durham Farmers Market: Saturday April 24th, 8-Noon
We will be delivering for 20 consecutive weeks, unless we need to take a week off (sometimes there is a gap between summer plantings, etc). So for now, we are planning to deliver every week from April 21st to September 4th.

We are not offering week off credits as we have done in the past (just way too much to try to organize). So if you find you are unable to pick up your box on any of the weeks, please find a neighbor, co-worker, friend or family member to pick up your box for you. If no one is able to pick up your box, we will donate the contents to the Farmer Food Share program at our farmers markets.

We will send out a weekly newsletter via our blog, so please bookmark that link, or you can friend us on Facebook (Search for "Castlemaine Farm"). We will post the same newsletter there. We do not print paper copies so plan to look at one of these websites each week (I try to have the post up by Tuesday evening.)

Thats all for now. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!

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Unknown said...

do you have anymore veggie subscriptions that my family can sign up for? if so, is there another way to reach you guys?
thanks, darcy harwood